How To Install Wallpaper

How To Install Wallpaper
C H E C K     W A L L P A P E R

Check all wallpaper strips for
- Misprints
- Patterns and Numbers match
- Colors match roll to roll
- You have enough wallpaper for your project


Gather all of the necessary tools
- Tape Measure
- Utility Knife
- Plastic Smoother
- Step Stool or Ladder

P R E P     Y O U R     W A L L S

- Make sure the walls are clean of dirt or debris
- If walls are newly painted allow 3-4 weeks to let the paint cure
- Test product in an indiscrete area 

S T A R T     H A N G I N G

1. Draw a straight vertical line down the wall. Start on the left side of the wall unless it is a feature wall then start in the middle, to create symmetry. Use the straight line as a guide for your first strip, so everything is straight from the beginning.

2. Peel away 6-12 inches and apply to the top of the wall, allowing some excess to overlap onto the ceiling. Aline either side (left or right) of the wallpaper strip to the vertical line and gently smooth the wallpaper on to the wall.
Work from top to bottom, while pulling the backing from the wallpaper as you go.

3. Be careful of papercuts when pulling away from the backing. Remove the wallpaper sheet and apply as needed.

4. Use a plastic smoother (squeegee) to push out all air bubbles. Start from the center and move to the outside.

5. Cutaway excess wallpaper from the strip with a sharp utility knife.

Do not stretch the material it will cause the pattern to not align and can cause gaps between the seams over time.

A P P L Y     R E M A I N I N G     W A L L P A P E R     S T R I P S


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